Hi! I’m a big fan of adventure, the outdoors, off the beaten track sports, health, psychology, and asking questions of life, and experiencing it.

I grew up in Adelaide and was brought up with a squash racket in my hand, influenced by my Mum and Dad who were always on the squash court. So began the tireless journey taking on the squash world.

After I left school I ventured out to take on squash professionally, traveling and learning about myself – within and without, meeting great people, learning about them and from them, experiencing life. You may not or you may know, squash is not a very lucrative sport, so sometimes you were playing to win your next meal, not pretty but a huge learning curve for experiencing and understanding myself. I did this for many years, and stopped playing at the hand of overuse injuries, I had the habit of over training, and this had a very adverse effect on my body, I would get sick often, and this including injury would see the end of playing professionally for me.

I have learned a lot from playing squash professionally, from my mistakes, learned from sports psychologists, health/sports nutritionists, and the other experienced athletes and weekend warriors alike, have done a lot of research, read a huge amount of books about health, fitness, spirituality, psychology, studied martial arts after squash for many years. I studied Moo Duk Kwan taekwondo, Muay Thai, a little bit of ju jitsu and wing chun, this helped me to no end discover a whole new world of health and fitness for me, a huge influence for centering myself.

I now run a Expedition Fitness out of Adelaide, and look forward to helping others achieve what they envisage for themselves.

I would love to hear some of your stories, to relate, or to give me a bit of info you have learned, and any adventure stories, places and off the beaten tracks you know of, that you have loved and can pass on.


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